Free Pool Tuesdays

About the Event

Terms and Conditions for Free Pool on Tuesdays:

  1. Free Pool Promotion: Every Tuesday, customers are eligible to play two free games of pool per person at our establishment.

  2. Eligibility: This promotion is open to all customers visiting our premises on a Tuesday. Each customer may participate in this offer and enjoy two free games of pool.

  3. Game Limit: Participants may only redeem two free games per person. Any additional games beyond the two free games will be charged at the standard rate.

  4. Last Game Finish Time: All games of pool, including any additional games played beyond the two free ones, must be completed by 10:45 pm on Tuesdays.

  5. Usage Time: The promotion is valid only on Tuesdays during our operating hours. Free games cannot be redeemed on any other day of the week.

  6. Queue Management: In the event of a queue or waiting list for pool tables, participants are requested to manage their time efficiently to ensure the last game concludes by 10:45 pm.

By participating in the Free Pool on Tuesdays promotion, customers acknowledge and accept these terms and conditions. Management's decisions regarding this promotion are final and binding.

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